Working with Transformer Parameters

Every transformer contains at least one parameter: the Transformer Name. Most transformers also have additional parameters that you can change to suit your workspace.

Properties Button Colors

The properties button on a transformer is color-coded to reflect the status of its parameters.

A blue properties button (or one that matches the color of its transformer) indicates that the default transformer parameters have been checked and amended as required, and the transformer is ready to use.

A yellow properties button indicates that the default parameters have not yet been checked. You can use a transformer that is in this state, but the workspace results may be unpredictable.

A red properties button indicates that there is at least one setting for which FME cannot supply a default value. You must provide a value for the required parameter(s) before you can use the transformer. These transformers are listed as Incomplete Transformers in the Navigator:

Accessing Parameters

Click the Properties button to the top right of each transformer to open a dialog. This dialog contains defaults that Workbench initially sets for the transformer.

In many cases, you can use the transformer without changing the default values; however, sometimes you will need to perform an action before you can use the transformer. In these cases, the transformer parameter will be highlighted red, as shown in the Buffer Amount parameter below:

Transformer Parameter Menu Options

Advanced transformer parameters are integrated in most transformer dialogs, so that the options can be easily configured with other elements in the workspace. Click the menu button to access these parameters.

Advanced parameters can be set, changed, published or unpublished, set to an attribute value, or linked to another parameter. Additional functions, such as an advanced editor and an arithmetic editor, are also available in some transformers.

Note: In many cases, you can use the default transformer parameters without having to access the transformer parameter menu.

See Transformer Parameter Options.

Saving Defaults

See Transformer Defaults for information on saving default values.