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About This Help File

In addition to an overview and a description of parameters, each transformer may also contain the following information.

  • Transformer Name: This is followed by a brief overview on the transformer's function.
  • Input: The name of the port(s) and/or the expected input.
  • Output: The name of the port(s) and/or the expected output.
  • Parameters: The transformer parameters and descriptions.
  • Editing Transformer Parameters: Most transformer parameters are integrated so that the options can be easily configured with other elements in the workspace. This link provides more information about the options available.
  • Usage Notes: Notes related to the transformer's function or performance.
  • Example: Some transformers include simple diagrams to illustrate functionality.
  • FME Licensing Level: If the transformer requires FME Professional Edition and above, this is noted here.
  • Transformer Category: How the transformer is categorized in the Workbench Transformer Gallery.
  • FME Knowledge Center: Links to transformer or related workspace examples.
  • Related Transformers: Transformers that are closely related, or might be used in conjunction with this transformer.
  • Transformer History: Sometimes a transformer is renamed or changed to more accurately reflect its function. If so, the transformer history is listed here. These transformers are also aliased when you search for a transformer.