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Filters a point-cloud feature into one or more parts, output via separate ports, based on evaluating expressions.

One point cloud will be output for each expression, containing all the points that matched that expression (that is, the expression resulted in a non-zero value).

Each point will only be filtered into a single point cloud. For example, if a point matches both the first and second expression, the point will only be placed in the point cloud for the first expression. An additional point cloud will be output that contains all the points that did not match any expression.

Note: Empty point clouds will not be output.

Input Ports

Output Ports

You can specify an output port for each expression.


Editing Transformer Parameters

Using a set of menu options, transformer parameters can be assigned by referencing other elements in the workspace. More advanced functions, such as an advanced editor and an arithmetic editor, are also available in some transformers. To access a menu of these options, click beside the applicable parameter. For more information, see Transformer Parameter Menu Options.

Transformer Categories

Point Cloud


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