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Resolves the palettes of the selected bands of the input raster features by using the band cell values to look up the corresponding palette values, which then replace the original band cell values in the raster.

The output raster will have no palettes on the selected bands and the band data values will reflect the original the palette values.

If the selected band has more than one palette to resolve, the first palette will be resolved into the original band and subsequent palettes will be resolved into clones of the original band, which will be added to the raster. If the palette value interpretation is a color model, there may be multiple bands generated on the raster for each palette. Palette resolving is not possible for palettes containing String values.

For example, one band with a single RGB24 palette will become three bands: a RED8 band, a GREEN8 band, and a BLUE8 band, each without a palette.

Once processing is complete, the palette will not be present on the remaining bands.

Related Transformers

RasterPaletteRemover: Removes the selected palette(s) of a raster. The palette's band retains the palette key, but the corresponding values are lost.

Usage Notes

This transformer supports raster band selection only. Either all or none of the palettes must be resolved for each band. The RasterSelector can be used to modify selection.

Editing Transformer Parameters

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FME Licensing Level

FME Professional edition and above

Technical History

Associated FME function or factory: @ResolveRasterPalettes




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