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Creates a new pair of attributes (attribute name/attribute value) from each attribute on the input feature and either outputs these on a new feature or adds them as a list element to the original feature. In both cases, it is possible to either conserve or delete the original attributes and geometry.

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Suppose we have an input feature with the following two attributes:.

  • Name = John
  • Type = Employee

If Keep Attributes is set to Yes, the parameter Exploding Type: Feature will produce two features with four attributes each:

Name = John

Type = Employee

_attr_name = Name

_attr_value = John


Name = John

Type = Employee

_attr_name = Type

_attr_value = Employee

The parameter Exploding Type: List will add an attribute list to the original feature:

Name = John

Type = Employee

_attr_list{0}._attr_name = Name

_attr_list{0}._attr_value = John

_attr_list{1}._attr_name = Type

_attr_list{1}._attr_value = Employee

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