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Detects features that are matches of each other. Features are declared to match when they have matching geometry, matching attribute values, or both.  A list of attributes which must differ between the features may also be specified.

Output Ports


Feature Elements To Match

Matching Options

Note: For surface and solid geometries, Interior Vertex Tolerance and Extra Vertex Tolerance are ignored and assumed to be 0.0. This transformer does not support surfaces or solids in the input if the Lenient Geometry Matching is set to Yes.

Output Attributes

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The ChangeDetector provides an alternative (but less general) approach which may be more convenient for certain applications.


Editing Transformer Parameters

Using a set of menu options, transformer parameters can be assigned by referencing other elements in the workspace. More advanced functions, such as an advanced editor and an arithmetic editor, are also available in some transformers. To access a menu of these options, click beside the applicable parameter. For more information, see Transformer Parameter Menu Options.

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