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Adds a numeric attribute to a feature and assigns a value. Each subsequent feature passing through the transformer receives an incremented value – in other words, the Counter is counting the features.

This transformer can be useful for assigning a unique, numeric ID number to a set of features, for counting the number of features, or for creating a basic histogram for values of a given attribute.

Transformer Parameters

Usage Notes

Using Multiple Counters

Using multiple Counter transformers in a workspace can produce different results. The default behavior of FME is to name all Counters the same.

When multiple Counters have the same name, they produce a single count. When multiple Counters have different names, each Counter produces a unique count starting at 1 (or the number determined by the Count Start parameter). You can rename any Counter by editing the Transformer Name parameter.

For example, there are two workspaces each with two Counters. Ten features passed through each Counter would result in the following:

Workspace 1

Counter Name: Counter1 - features numbered 1 - 10

Counter Name: Counter2 - features numbered 1 - 10

Workspace 2

Counter Name: Counter - features numbered 1 - 10

Counter Name: Counter - features numbered 11 - 20

You can use this feature as needed to produce different results.

Editing Transformer Parameters

Using a set of menu options, transformer parameters can be assigned by referencing other elements in the workspace. More advanced functions, such as an advanced editor and an arithmetic editor, are also available in some transformers. To access a menu of these options, click beside the applicable parameter. For more information, see Transformer Parameter Menu Options.

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