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Combines multiple geometries into a single point cloud. Point cloud features will be accumulated as is.

PointCloudCombiner is often used to accumulate multiple point clouds into a single point cloud feature, but can also convert other geometries into point clouds and merge them.

Point and linear features will be converted point for point. Polygonal, donut, surface and solid features will be converted into a grid of points lying inside the area on the 3D plane represented by the area’s calculated normal. Any existing component values stored as measures or attributes can be preserved as components.

Rasters will be converted to point clouds as follows:

  • The x and y components will be created from the columns and rows.
  • The first selected numeric band will become the z component.
  • The first selected bands with red/green/blue/gray interpretations will become the color_red/color_green/color_blue components.
  • Additional selected bands will also be preserved. If the band has a name, the component name will be the band name. If the band has no name, the component name will be bandN, where N is the band index.

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Raster Parameters

Vector Feature Interpolation

Measures to Preserve as Components

Attributes to Preserve as Components

Editing Transformer Parameters

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