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Extracts the band and palette properties of a raster feature and exposes them as attributes.

The following band and palette properties are exposed:













Wherever "{}" appears, there will be one instance of the attribute for each band or palette. The first will appear with {0}, the second with {1}, and so on.

Input Ports



Usage Notes

  • This transformer extracts only band and palette properties. To extract raster geometry properties, such as the number of rows and columns, use the RasterPropertyExtractor.
  • This transformer is unaffected by raster band and palette selection.

Editing Transformer Parameters

Using a set of menu options, transformer parameters can be assigned by referencing other elements in the workspace. More advanced functions, such as an advanced editor and an arithmetic editor, are also available in some transformers. To access a menu of these options, click beside the applicable parameter. For more information, see Transformer Parameter Menu Options.

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FME Professional edition and above


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