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Configure a Notification To Monitor Failover

You can configure the FME Server Notification Service to notify you when any of the following events occurs on a node in your fault-tolerance architecture:

  • An FME Server starts up.
  • An FME Server host detects a heartbeat failure on the host it is monitoring.
  • A failover occurs.

Perform the following steps on both the FME Server primary and failover servers. We recommend that topic names be different between servers to distinguish notification messages.

  1. Open the FME Server configuration file.
  2. <FMEServerDir>\Server\fmeServerConfig.txt

  3. Specify a Notification Service topic to receive failover-related notifications.
  4. NOTIFY_FAILOVER=<topicName>

    Save and close the FME Server configuration file.

  5. Create a Notification Service Subscriber that will receive failover-related notifications from the specified topic, and deliver them to you over a preferred protocol, such as SMTP.
  6. In the subscriber configuration, the template that specifies the body of the notification message must include the {msg} keyword, because {msg} is a macro that contains the actual notification message.

    For example, configure the Email Template field of an Email Subscriber like this:

    System notification received: {msg}