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Configuring FME Server to Send E-mail Notifications

The Data Download and Job Submitter services can send e-mail messages on job completion to notify a user of either job success or job failure. FME Server can also send e-mail messages when a backup or restore operations succeeds or fails.

To configure your e-mail, you need access to an SMTP server.

  1. Log in to the FME Server web user interface:


  2. Select Manage > Notifications > Subscriptions tab.
  3. Select DataDownload_Email_JobFailure.
  4. In the resulting form, configure the parameters. For more information, see Email Subscriber.

  5. Repeat this procedure for the JobSubmitter_Email_JobFailure, DataDownload_Email_JobSuccess, JobSubmitter_Email_JobSucess, Migration_Email_JobFailure, and Migration_Email_JobSuccess subscriptions.

For more information about using pre-configured subscribers in FME Server, see Monitoring FME Server Activity with Notifications.