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Securing FME Server and Applications/Services

There are three main tasks to perform when configuring access to FME Server services and applications:

Configuring Role-Based Access to Security Resources

To configure access to FME Server Security resources, use the Security page of the FME Server Web User Interface.

The Security page uses the following hierarchy to configure access rights to security resources:

  • Users: The person who accesses the applications or services. A user can belong to one or more roles.
  • Roles: A group of one or more users.
  • Security Resources (Object Policies): The web services, applications, and other FME Server components to which roles are granted access.
  • Permissions (Role Policies): The set of activities that are permitted, for a given role, on each FME Server Security resource.

For more information about configuring permissions, see Role-Based Access Control.