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Job Recovery

After FME Server submits a translation request to an FME Engine, it monitors the connection to that engine until a response is returned.

FME Server can resubmit a failed job if:

  • The connection to the engine is lost.
  • The engine crashes.

To prevent FME Server from indefinitely retrying a job that fails, the default setting is to resubmit a failed job up to three times. This setting is configurable.

Configuring Job Recovery

On the FME Server host computer, the MAX_FAILED_TRANSACTION_REQUEST_RETRIES parameter in the <FMEServerDir>\Server\fmeServerConfig.txt file determines the number of times any transaction is resubmitted before FME Server stops resending the request. A value of < 0 means that no maximum limit is imposed, and failed transaction requests are resubmitted indefinitely. A value of 0 means that automatic resubmission is disabled. If this parameter is absent, a default value of 3 is used.

WARNING: A failed translation request may cause an FME Engine to shut down improperly. When no maximum limit is imposed, the translation is resent indefinitely, which may cause repeated FME Engine failures.