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Performing a Scheduled Backup of an FME Server Configuration

Beginning with FME Server 2013, a workspace is provided that can be scheduled to perform a backup of the Server configuration to an FME Feature Store (FFS) file. The configuration back up includes repositories, services, notifications, security settings and schedules.

To Enable a Schedule Backup

  1. Log into the FME Server Web User Interface:


  1. Select Manage > Schedules.
  2. Click the Backup_Configuration entry.
  3. On the Editing Schedule page, check "true" beside Enabled.
  4. Edit other parameters as necessary
  5. Click OK.

The following parameters are specific to the Backup_Configuration schedule:

  • FME Server Username: The user performing the backup. The user must belong to the the fmesuperuser role.
  • FME Server Password: Password of the user.
  • Backup File (FFS): The file to store the backup. The location must be accessible by the engine running the workspace. It can refer to a UNC path.
  • Backup Password: Password to access the backup file.
  • Append Date: If Yes, the date and time of the backup is appended to the filename.