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Configuring Native OGC Services Support

Beginning with FME Server 2016, Safe Software recommends providing Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) services by configuring FME Desktop workspace templates that implement the OGC standard, and registering them to the FME Server Data Streaming Service to provide output. This method provides fuller control over OGC features than previous OGC services that were native to FME Server.

To get started quickly, workspace templates are available for both the OGC Web Feature Service (WFS) and OGC Web Mapping Service (WMS). You can then configure them to provide basic services with your data. For instructions and downloads, see the following:

Although native OGC service support remains available in FME Server, it is deprecated and must be configured manually:

  1. Navigate to <FMEServerDir>\Clients\utilities.
  2. Rename file serviceWorkspaceDefs.xml to serviceWorkspaceDefs_new.xml.
  3. Rename file serviceWorkspaceDefs_old.xml to serviceWorkspaceDefs.xml.
  4. Navigate to <FMEServerDir>\Server\config\.
  5. Rename file installer.json to installer_new.json.
  6. Rename file installer_old.json to installer.json.
  7. Navigate to <FMEServerDir>\Clients\utilities.
  8. Run file configureDemoWorkspaces.bat.