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Testing an Active-Passive Installation for Failover

The following is a suggested process for testing an active-passive installation for failover.

  1. In FME Workbench, open a blank workspace.
  2. Add a Creator transformer.
  3. Attach a Decelerator transformer. In the parameters dialog, set Delay Per Feature to 60 seconds.
  4. Publish the workspace to the FME Server installation you want to test. On the Register Services page of the Publish to FME Server wizard, select Job Submitter, and click Publish.
  5. Log in to the FME Server Web User Interface.
  6. On the Home page, click Run a Workspace.
  7. On the Workspace Repositories page, locate the workspace you uploaded. Click on the workspace name to open it.
  8. On the workspace page, under Job Submitter, click Run.
  9. Without waiting for the workspace to complete, return to the workspace and run it four more times.
  10. On the machine hosting the active FME Server Core, stop the FME Server Core service.
  11. After a minute or two, the secondary FME Server Core should become active and start processing jobs.
  12. Revert to the original state:
    1. Start the original FME Server Core service that was stopped.
    2. Stop the secondary FME Server Core service.
  13. Eventually, all five jobs should execute successfully. To verify, see the Completed table on the Jobs page.
  14. After you verify, make sure to start the secondary FME Server Core service.