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Working in the Navigator

The Navigator displays an overview of the source (reader) and destination (writer) information, bookmarks, workspace parameters, and transformers.

In general, it is a hierarchical view of the information in the graphical pane. You can adjust most dataset, feature type, and attribute parameters from here, as well as directly on the canvas.

One advantage to managing information in this window is that if you have a large workspace, sometimes it is easier to view all the components in list form. You can:

  • collapse and expand information much like in a Windows Explorer environment;
  • see at a high level what the workspace contains, and at a detailed level when you double-click to open the parameters;
  • tell if any information is missing (for example, an incomplete transformer);
  • access functions for all entries in the Navigator by clicking on the parameter, and then right-clicking to display a command menu.

By default, a Workspace Search link will also display in the Navigator.