About Quick Connect

Quick Connect is designed to help users author workspaces more easily than ever before. Instead of having to drag connections between different objects in the canvas, you can now connect them by simply clicking on the ports.

Although you can use this feature for all workspace connections, the most useful application for this functionality is when you have a large workspace and you need to make connections from one area to another. Usually you would zoom out until both areas are in view, but this could be difficult if the connection to be made is extremely large, or if the workspace is very dense. This feature lets you choose the source port, locate the area that you want to connect, then choose the destination port to complete the connection. For example, you can initiate Quick Connect, click a bookmark in the Navigator pane, and complete the connection once the workspace centers on the bookmark.

How to use Quick Connect

Click on any output port to be connected. A green circle highlights the port:

Move the cursor directly over the input destination port and click to set the connection.

To connect multiple ports, press the Ctrl key before you establish the first connection, then click additional input ports.