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Arranging Objects on the Canvas

If you have manually placed a lot of objects on the Workbench Canvas, it may start to look a little messy. You can clean up your canvas in the following ways:

  • Apply auto-layout to the entire canvas in one easy operation.
  • Align selected objects with one another, horizontally or vertically.
  • Evenly space (spread) selected objects, horizontally or vertically.

Auto Layout

When you select Apply Auto Layout, FME applies an optimal arrangement of all objects on the canvas. Apply Auto Layout is available from the Tools menu or the Toolbar.

Align and Spread

The Align and Spread tools work only on two or more objects that you select on the canvas. Once selected, these tools are available in the following ways:

  • From the context menu, when you right-click on the name of a selected object.
  • When you choose this method, the object on which you click remains in place, and the other selected objects move in relation to it.

  • From the Edit menu or the Toolbar.
  • When you choose either of these methods, the last-selected object remains in place, and the previously-selected objects move in relation to it.