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Exporting Custom Transformers

The best way to share a transformer is to export it and distribute it just like any other file.

Transformer files are saved as .fmx files in the following default locations:

  • Windows: C:\Users\<user>\Documents\FME\Transformers
  • Linux: ~/.fme/Transformers
  • OSX: ~/Library/Application Support/FME/Transformers

You can change the default location.

Tip: To determine the file path of a custom transformer, locate it in the Transformer Gallery, and right-click. Select either Open Containing Folder or Edit. If Edit is selected, the transformer opens in a new instance of FME Workbench, and the file path displays beside the transformer name, in the title bar at top.

Export as Custom Transformer

  1. Open or create a custom transformer.
  2. On the workspace canvas, click the tab that contains the custom transformer.
  3. Select File > Export as Custom Transformer.

The Export as Custom Transformer dialog opens.

After defining the parameters for the exported transformer, click the OK button in the Export as Custom Transformer dialog.

A second FME Workbench application will start, and the transformer appears on the new canvas. The title bar will display the transformer name and location. The transformer name is now stored in the Transformer Gallery either in the category specified above, or in the All folder.

What can I do after I export a Custom Transformer?

  • Select a linked transformer from the Transformer Gallery, and include it any number of times.
  • Share it with other users.
  • Create multiple versions of a linked transformer.

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