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Disabling Transformers

You can temporarily disable a transformer to remove it from the translation. In most cases, you can still run the translation, and the workspace excludes these transformers.

Note: Especially for larger workspaces, it is sometimes better practice to disable connections.

Depending on the size of the workspace and the number of transformers, there are a few different ways to do this:

  • Press the Ctrl key and click to select multiple transformers, or press the left mouse button and drag the cursor over a specific area.
  • Right-click and select Disable or Disable Objects (for multiple-transformer selections).
  • Select single or multiple transformers and select Enable/Disable Transformers from the Workbench Transformers menu.

The transformer color changes to gray (indicating that it is inactive) on the canvas:

The Transformers parameter in the Navigator shows the disabled transformers in the main transformer list.

The Navigator also adds a new Disabled Transformers object:

Re-enabling Transformers

  • Navigator: Right-click on the disabled transformer in and select Enable.
  • Canvas: Right-click on the transformer on the canvas and select Enable.

Note: Through the command menu, you can also apply any transformer command to a disabled transformer.