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Searching in Workspaces

By default, a Workspace Search link will display in the Navigator.

(You can choose to change this link to a search bar at the bottom of the Navigator window. Set these options through the FME Options dialog.)

Results will include feature type names, attribute names and values, transformer names and parameters, parameter names and values, published parameters.

Workspace Search Modes

You can search within a workspace using one of three search modes.

Exact substring match (default)

This is the default mode, which looks for the matching string in workspace objects. For example, entering

ce re

will return the result Source Redirect:

Wildcard search (**)

To perform a wildcard search, prefix all search strings with two asterisks. These asterisks ensure that the search engine will switch to the wildcard search mode. For example, entering


will return the results Startup Tcl Script: and Shutdown Tcl Script:

Advanced search ('')

To perform an advanced search, prefix search strings with two single quotation marks. These quotation marks ensure that the search engine will switch to the Advanced search mode. For example, entering

''engine OR readers

will return the results Ignore Failed Readers and Reprojection Engine

  • AND queries: A search string may contain multiple words (without enclosing quotes), in which case it will return content that contains all of the words. For example, entering

''feature type (without the quotes)

means find content that contains both "feature" and "type".

  • OR queries: Inside a search string, the OR operator may be used to get matching content containing either of two words. For example,

''feature OR type

is the OR query that will find content that contains either "feature" or "type".

  • Excluding terms: The - operator excludes any content containing the search word which follows it. For example,

''feature -type means find content that contains "feature" but not "type"