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Duplicating Custom Transformers

One of the key uses for a custom transformer is to repeat a pattern of transformers throughout a workspace. Reusing a custom transformer can be done the same way as with a normal FME transformer, in one of these ways:

  • Locate it within the transformer gallery and place a new instance.
  • Select the custom transformer, right-click to display the command menu, and choose Duplicate.
  • Copy and paste within the same workspace. If two compound transformers have the same name, Workbench will add a _2 suffix to the copy.
  • Copy and paste from another workspace. The definition is embedded into the current workspace.

You cannot use a custom transformers within itself, but you can use one custom transformer inside a different one.

Working with Copies of Custom Transformers

When a custom transformer is to be used in multiple locations (for example, after you duplicate it), it is important to understand how each instance of that transformer references other parts of a workspace as input. See Working with Multiple Copies of Custom Transformers.