FME Flow: 2024.1

Backup & Restore

Note  Backup & Restore is available only to users who belong to the fmesuperuser security role.

Use the Backup & Restore tools to perform the following:

  • Back up the configuration of a current instance of FME Flow 2014 or later.
  • Restore a backed-up FME Flow configuration to an instance of FME Flow that is of the same or later version.
  • View your history of backup and restore activity.

For more information about backup and restore of FME Flow configurations, see Upgrading FME Flow.

FME Flow Hosted Users: The tools on the Backup & Restore page of the Web User Interface do not allow you to perform a full restore of an FME Flow instance, including FME Flow data and the PostGIS database. To perform a backup and restore operation of an FME Flow Hosted instance, launch a new instance from a backup snapshot using the tools on the FME Flow Hosted Dashboard and the FME Flow Hosted Snapshots page. For more information, see Working with Backups in the FME Flow Hosted documentation.

Performing a Backup and Restore

Warning  If System Encryption is Standard (default) on the FME Flow that is backed up, it must also be Standard on the FME Flow that is restored, and use the same custom encryption key. Before proceeding, ensure your custom encryption key is downloaded and safely saved.

What FME Flow Components Are Migrated?

When you perform a backup and restore operation of an FME Flow configuration, the following components of your FME Flow are migrated:

Of note, the following components are not migrated as part of a backup and restore operation:

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