FME Flow: 2024.1

Update the Tomcat Properties File

Complete this step if both of the following are true:

  • Your FME Flow uses an Apache Tomcat servlet to run the FME Flow Web Services. Apache Tomcat is provided with an Express installation of FME Flow, and some distributed installations. Or, your distributed installation may be using your own Apache Tomcat servlet.
  • Your FME Flow Web User Interface is accessible through an external-facing URL, or you have otherwise changed the URL through which the Web User Interface is accessed, such as by Configuring for HTTPS.

To update the Tomcat properties file

  1. Open the Apache Tomcat properties file:
  2. <FMEFlowDir>\Utilities\tomcat\webapps\fmeserver\WEB-INF\conf\

  3. Locate the SINGLE_SIGN_ON_AUTH_URL parameter, and update the host name and port portion of the URL to match the host name through which the FME Flow Web User Interface is accessed. For example:
  4. SINGLE_SIGN_ON_AUTH_URL=http://MyFMEFlowHost:80/fmetoken/sso/generate

  5. Save and close the file.
  6. Restart the FME Flow services.