FME Flow: 2024.1


Select System Configuration > Network & Email

Under Services, a table displays containing information about the FME Flow Web Services.

Note  You must have Manage permission in Services to configure services. For more information, see Users or Roles.

The columns displayed in the Services table are:

Name - The name of each installed service.

URL - The URL for the service.

To Add a Service

Click New. A dialog displays similar to Modifying a Service, below.

To Remove a Service

Select a service and click Remove.

Note  Any workspaces published to FME Flow and registered with the removed service will lose the registration, even if the service is re-added. To restore the registration if the service is re-added, re-publish the workspace.

To Modify a Service

  1. Click an entry in the table. The editing service page opens:
  2. Display Name - Name of the service as displayed in the Web User Interface.

    URL Pattern - Points to where the service is reached using a web browser.

    Note  To update this field for all services, click Change All Hosts on the Services page.

    Description - Description of the service.

  3. Click OK.