Active Periods

Select Engine Management > Active Periods

Active periods allow you to specify periods of time during which Queue Control engine assignment rules are active. If an engine assignment rule is assigned to any active periods, the rule applies to the associated engines only during those periods. Any job submitted to a queue that does not have an available engine to run it, due to an active period that has not yet started, remains in queue until the active period begins.

To Create an Active Period

On the Active Periods tab, click New, and complete the following fields. When finished, click OK.

  • Name: Enter a name for the active period.
  • Description: Enter a useful description of the active period.
  • Start Date: Enter a date when you want the active period to start.
  • Start Time: Enter a time when you want the active period to start on the Start Date. If Daily or Weekly is specified under Recurrence (below), this is also the time that the active period starts on subsequent days.
  • End Time: Enter a date and time when you want the active period to end.
  • Note  A date must be specified with End Time, even if Recurrence is Daily or Weekly on specified days, to include active periods that span over midnight. For example, if Recurrence is Daily, Start Date and Start Time are January 15 17:00, and End Time is January 16 05:00, the next recurring active period is January 16 17:00 to January 17 05:00.
  • Recurrence: Specify how you want the active period to recur, either Daily, Weekly on specified days, or Does not repeat.
  • Repeat Until: If Recurrence is Daily or Weekly, specify a date when you want to end the recurrence. If not specified, the active period recurs indefinitely.
  • Engine Rules: Specify the engine assignment rules to assign to the active period. If not specified, the active period will not currently apply to any rules.
  • Tip  When you are ready to assign engine assignment rules to the active period, open the active period to edit it. Alternatively, you can assign an active period to an engine assignment rule from the Engine Assignment Rules tab.

To Edit an Active Period

Click on the active period entry to open the edit page.

To Remove an Active Period

Select the active period, and click Remove.