FME Flow: 2024.1

Reset Password

Select System Configuration > Security.

You can give your Users the ability to reset their passwords for logging on to FME Flow. When Reset Password is enabled, a "Forgot your password?" link appears on the login page of the FME Flow Web User Interface. This link enables users to receive an email to reset their password.

Tip  To set standards for new and updated passwords, see Password Policy.

To configure Reset Password ability

  1. Configure user email addresses.
  2. The Reset Password feature only functions properly for users who have valid email addresses. For more information, see Users.

    Note  Users who do not have valid email addresses can see and click the "Forgot your password?" link, but will not receive an email to complete the reset.
  3. Configure System Email settings.
  4. FME Flow uses these settings for sending reset password emails.

  5. Enable Reset Password.
  6. Move the Reset Password slider to the right.

  7. Configure the remaining settings for sending password reset emails. When finished, click Save.

To disable Reset Password ability

Move the Reset Password slider to the left.