FME Flow: 2024.1

Logging in to the Web User Interface

If you are logging in to the Web User Interface for the first time as an administrator following installation, specify Username admin and Password admin. You will be prompted to update the admin password upon initial use, based on the default Password Policy configuration.

For most other logins, enter your Username and Password and click Login.

The FME Flow installer creates a set of user accounts and passwords by default. For more information, see Default User Accounts and Passwords.

If Reset Password is enabled, you can click Forgot your password? to reset your password.

If Password Expiration is enabled and your password is expired, you are directed to change your password immediately upon login.

Other Ways to Log in

  • If single sign-on is enabled in conjunction with Authentication Services (Windows only), select Use Windows Credentials.
  • If your login corresponds to an Azure Active Directory connection, select Sign in with Microsoft. On the Microsoft Sign in page, enter your Azure AD user credentials, and click Sign in.
  • If SAML Configuration is enabled and your user account corresponds to one that authenticates with your organization's SAML identify provider, select Sign in with SAML. On your provider's sign-in page, enter your credentials.

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