SAML Configuration

Select User Management > Authentication Services. On the Authentication Services page, select the SAML Configuration tab.

When enabled, you can incorporate users from your organization's Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) identity provider for authentication with FME Flow.

Note  Authentication with FME Flow through SAML is not supported in the following FME Form transformers: FMEFlowJobSubmitter, FMEFlowNotifier, FMEFlowResourceConnector, FMEFlowJobWaiter, FMEFlowLogFileRetriever.

Getting Started with SAML

To authenticate on FME Flow with a SAML identity provider, you must configure settings in two places:

  • On FME Flow.
  • On your SAML identity provider.
Note  If your FME Flow architecture includes a reverse proxy or load balancer, additional configuration is required:
Append the fully-qualified hostname of your reverse proxy to the fmeserver.saml.custom.baseurl= line in the SAML file. If your FME Flow uses an Apache Tomcat web application server provided with the installation, this file is located in <FMEFlowDir>\Utilities\tomcat\webapps\fmesaml\WEB-INF\classes\. When complete, Restart FME Flow.

Viewing SAML Logs

Log files fmesaml.log and restV4.log can be found in Services Logs.

fmesaml.log records:

  • When a user account is created on initial login to FME Flow through Sign in with SAML.
  • Subsequent logins to FME Flow through Sign in with SAML.

restV4.log records any problems encountered during SAML configuration.

For more information, see About Log Files in FME Flow.