FME Flow: 2024.1

System Email

Select System Configuration > Network & Email > System Email.

Configure settings for the SMTP email server to use when FME Flow sends emails about System Events and Reset Password. Configure the fields under Email Settings. When finished, click Save.

Email Settings

Tip  To auto-populate some fields for common SMTP servers, click Load Template.

SMTP Server: Mail exchange server domain name or IP address used for sending email.

SMTP Server Port: Mail exchange TCP port used for sending email. If Connection Security (below) is SSL/TLS, specify port 465. If StartTLS or None, specify port 587.

SMTP Account: If the SMTP server requires authentication, this is the user name.

SMTP Password: If the SMTP server requires authentication, this is the user password.

Connection Security - The encryption mechanism used for the connection.

  • SSL/TLS: The connection uses Transport Layer Security (TLS), formerly Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), supported by most common SMTP email servers.
  • StartTLS: An SSL/TLS connection with the email server is initiated using the STARTTLS command.
  • None: The connection is unencrypted.

Email From: Corresponds to the "From" field in standard email messages. If users reply to the notification email, it is directed to this address.