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Post-Configuration Scripts

After configuring the database, you must run additional post-configuration scripts to finish completing the installation. These scripts enable the installed services, sample workspaces, and notification subscribers.

  1. Ensure that FME Server is running.
  2. On Windows, run the following scripts:

    Note: You may need to run these scripts as administrator (right-click and select Run as administrator).

  3. On Linux, run the following scripts:

    • On the machine on which the FME Server Services are installed (Install the FME Server Services and Configure for Failover):
      • <FMEServerDir>/Clients/utilities/
      • <FMEServerDir>/Clients/utilities/
    • On the machines on which the FME Server core is installed (primary and failover) (Install the FME Server Core and FME Engines):
      • <FMEServerDir>/Clients/utilities/
      • <FMEServerDir>/Clients/utilities/
      • <FMEServerDir>/Clients/utilities/
  4. (PostgreSQL database only) On the machines on which the FME Server core is installed (primary and failover), open <FMEServerDir>\Utilities\pgsql\data\pg_hba.conf.
    • Change the following lines:
    • host    all     all      md5

      host    all     all     ::1/128         md5


      host    all      all         md5

      host   all      all     ::/0             md5

    • Restart the FME Server Database service.