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Run the Installer

Run the installer logged in as the user who will be running your FME Server Service.  This user must have write privileges to the installation directory. 

Start the installer, and proceed through to the Choose Setup Type prompt.

Choose Setup Type

Select the Express option.

Destination Folder

  • Install FME Server to: By default, most files for your FME Server installation are written to C:\Program Files\FME Server\. To change the installation directory, modify the path.
  • Install the FME Server System Share to: FME Server System Share files, which include Repositories and Resources, are written to the path specified by the %ALLUSERSPROFILE% environment variable, which defaults to C:\ProgramData\Safe Software\FME Server\. This configuration is recommended, because applications that use FME Server to write data can access C:\ProgramData\Safe Software\FME Server when all FME Server services run under the local system account (the most common scenario), while the remaining files are protected in a read-only location. To change the installation directory of FME Server System Share files, modify the path.

FME Server Hostname

If this FME Server installation will be available to users outside an internal network (for example, on an external website), specify the external hostname that users will enter when connecting to FME Server. For example, if you are hosting FME Server on, enter Doing so ensures all of the FME Server services are configured properly.

Otherwise, enter the internal server hostname, IP Address, or DNS.

Administrator Account

Be sure to note the password you enter for the administrator account.

Web Application Server Port

Port 80 is the recommended default. If this port is in use, port 8080 is recommended.

Note: Common applications that may be using port 80 include Skype and Internet Information Services (IIS). Either turn off these services, or select a different port, such as 8080.

On the last screen, click Install.

Proceed to Starting and Stopping FME Server.