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Working with FME Server

Note: You must have an FME Server configured with your system in order to take advantage of its features and benefits. Contact Safe Software for details.

FME Server is a networked data transformation application that uses the same underlying technology as FME Desktop. It can operate on a local-area network or over the Internet.

FME Server has the following advantages:

  • Desktop users can share translation resources through a repository mechanism.
  • Desktop users can run resource intensive translations on a dedicated server.
  • Non-FME users can run translations on demand.
  • Translation output can be streamed directly to a chosen spatial application.

FME Server allows users to easily share spatial data. It is scalable, so it can easily grow as demands on the system increase.

FME Server is also a Model-Driven Architecture (MDA) meaning it processes data using predefined workflows. These workflows are defined using FME Desktop, making it simple to convert a desktop process to one usable by a client anywhere.

Getting Started

From Workbench, you communicate directly with an FME Server by publishing and downloading workspaces. This allows you to manage and share workspaces, data and published parameters, and create services from FME's powerful data translation and transformation tools.

See Publishing to an FME Server and Downloading from an FME Server.