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FME Workbench Transformer Quick-Reference Guide

Moving data between different formats and applications can sometimes involve more than a straight format-to-format translation. Your datasets might contain more complex components that do not fit the requirements of the destination system. To preserve key aspects of the data and load it seamlessly into the target application, you might need to adjust things like the data model, descriptive elements, and coordinate systems.

A transformer is an FME Workbench object that can perform geometric and attribute restructuring. There are hundreds of different transformers that perform different types of restructuring. This is known as data transformation and it is one of FME's core capabilities.

  • For detailed help on each transformer, you can visit our website (or, from Workbench, click Help > FME Transformers).
  • Transformer Reference Guide: For a quick-reference guide that provides a high-level overview of transformers, you can click the image below (PDF format). You can also right-click on the link and choose Save Target As to save the file directly to your computer or another location. FME-Transformer-Reference-Guide.pdf

Note that you must have a PDF reader to open the file.