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FME Workbench Interface

FME Workbench is an application for defining data translation and transformation processes.

With Workbench, underlying FME functionality is exposed in an intuitive interface that allows users to graphically define a custom dataflow from source, through transformation, to destination.

Workbench has tools for defining the source and destination dataset structure (or schema), and also for manipulating the geometry and attributes of spatial data.

Workbench is fully integrated to interact with other FME applications such as the FME Data Inspector and other products such as FME Server, and is the authoring tool for FME Server models.

Menu bar and Toolbar

The menu bar and toolbar contain a number of tools: for example tools for navigating around the workspace, controlling administrative tasks and adding or removing source datasets.


The Canvas is where you graphically define your workflow. By default, the workflow reads from left to right; the reader (source data) is on the left, the transformation tools are in the center, and the writer (data destination) is on the right. Connections between each item represent the flow of data and may branch in different directions or even lead to a dead-end if required.

Translation Log

The log pane displays a report on translation results. Information includes any warning or error messages, translation status, length of translation and number of features processed.


The navigator is an explorer type tool that displays a text definition of source and destination datasets, plus all the settings that apply to these datasets.

Parameter Editor

Displays the parameter settings for objects that are selected (active) on the canvas or navigator. You can edit parameters directly in this editor.

Transformer Gallery

The transformer gallery is a tool for the location and selection of FME transformation tools.

Overview Window

The overview window displays a view of the entire workspace, and highlights the outline of the current canvas window display upon it.

History Window

Lists all edits made to a workspace since it was created or opened. You can preview and revert to an earlier state of a workspace.

Additional viewing options

Additional panes can display Feature and attribute connections.

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