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Downloading from FME Server

Note: To download from FME Server, you must have an FME Server configured and available. For more information, contact your System Administrator.

Choose File > Download from FME Server, or click in the Workbench toolbar.

Note: If you open the Log window, you can view connection and processing statistics while connected to FME Server.

Connect to an FME Server

Specify the connection parameters for the FME Server from which you want to download.

  • FME Server URL: The URL of the FME Server to which you want to connect.
  • Username: The FME Server account username.
  • Password: The password for the account.
  • Use Windows session credentials: You can log in using stored Windows credentials that may contain usernames and passwords that you use to log on to websites or other computers on a network.

Dialog Buttons


Allows you to test the FME Server connection parameters.


  • Save as My Defaults: Saves the connection parameters that currently display so you can recall them for future use.
  • Reset to My Defaults: Resets all fields to the values that were saved previously using Save as My Defaults.

Click Next.

Note: Beginning with FME version 2012, If you try to download from an older version of FME Server, you will see a warning indicating that certain features may be lost or unavailable.

Download Repository Item

Workspaces, custom formats and custom transformers are stored in specific folders (called "repositories") on FME Server.

  • Repository Name: The name of the repository that contains the item to download. Select a repository from the pull-down list. 
  • Selected Item Name:The name of the workspace, custom transformer, or custom format to download (selected below).
  • Repository Browser: The items that are currently stored in the repository. Select an item to download.

Click Download. You are prompted to save the file to a local folder.

Note: A downloaded workspace opens automatically in FME Workbench.