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Publishing Templates to FME Server

One method of distributing your work is to publish it as a template to FME Server.

Note: To publish to FME Server, you must have an FME Server configured and available. For information, contact your System Administrator.

  1. Open a workspace and select File > Save As Template. The Save as Template dialog opens.
  2. Add information to describe and identify the template. For information on the individual fields in the dialog, see Saving a Workspace as a Template and Workspace Properties.
  3. Click the Save and Publish button at the bottom of the dialog. The template will be saved, and the Publish to FME Server wizard will appear.
  4. Specify the connection parameters to the applicable FME Server, and click the Next button. For more information on the connection parameters, see Publishing to FME Server.
  5. Follow the remaining instructions in the wizard.

The default Save location is <User>\Documents\FME\Templates\<template_name>.fmwt.