Connect to FME Server

Note: You can specify a proxy server for the FME Server web connection. Click Tools > FME Options> Network Proxy.

Connection: Specify the web connection to use for connecting to the FME Server. If you need to create one, select Add Web Connection. For more information, see Using Web Connections.

FME Server URL: This field populates after Connection is specified, and is not configurable. You can test the connection parameters by clicking on the hyperlink.

Use Windows session credentials: You can log in using stored Windows credentials that may contain usernames and passwords that you use to log on to websites or other computers on a network. To use this feature, you must have an Active Directory connection configured on the FME Server that uses SASL authentication and "Single Sign-On." For more information, see "Active Directory" in the FME Server documentation.

Dialog Button Description
Edit Allows you to edit the connection parameters of the specified Connection. For more information, see Using Web Connections.

Allows you to override the default connection parameters with your own, or reset the connection parameters to the default.

Save as My Defaults: Choose this option to save connection parameters for all the fields on the page.

Reset to My Defaults: If previously saved defaults in this field have been edited, you can reset your own defaults.

For more information about connecting to FME Server, contact your System Administrator.

Click Next to proceed to the next dialog.

Note: Beginning with FME version 2012, if you try to publish to an older version of FME Server, you will see a warning indicating that certain features may be lost or not be available.