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User Session Information

The upper-right corner of the interface displays the user name of the logged in user. Clicking on the user name brings up the Change Password, Manage Token, and session LogOut controls:

When you log in to the Web User Interface, FME Server grants you a security token to use the Web User Interface for a period of 30 minutes. However, FME Server automatically extends this period if you remain logged in for more than 25 minutes. To view your token ID and expiration, click Manage Token.

You can specify a longer expiry period, either by modifying the existing token, or creating a new one.

  1. Click Manage Token.
  2. On the Manage Token Dialog, click New Token.
  3. Specify your Username, Password, and a new Expiration Time.
  4. To continue using the same token, check Reuse Token. If not checked, a new token is generated.
  5. Click Generate Token. The Expiration value updates. If Reuse Token was not checked, the Current Token value updates also.
  6. To close, click OK.