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Hiding External Content in the Web User Interface

The login and home pages of the Web User Interface display dynamic content that links to resources outside FME Server, including content on the FME Knowledge Center and other resources, training, and events on the domain. You can restrict users from seeing this content.

To hide external content in the Web User Interface

  1. Open the configuration file in the FME Server installation directory (<FMEServerDir>).
  2. When FME Server is installed using express installation, this configuration file is located at <FMEServerDir>/Utilities/tomcat/webapps/fmeserver/WEB-INF/conf/

  3. Locate the HIDE_EXTERNAL_CONTENT property (at or near the end of the file).
  4. Change the value of this property from false to true and save the file.
  5. Restart the FME Server Windows services.