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About FME Server

FME Server lets your organization address diverse spatial and non-spatial data requirements using a single enterprise solution. FME Server provides a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) that brings all the capabilities of the FME platform to a server environment, creating a full Spatial Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) capability.

The capabilities of FME Server are presented through a number of interfaces. These interfaces include:

  • Web-based services provided with FME Server – for example, Data Download.
  • Application interfaces including the Web User Interface, FME Server Console, and FME Workbench.
  • Programmatic interfaces, including REST, C++, Java, and .NET APIs.
  • Interfaces for common messaging protocols, such as SMTP, UDP, HTTP Push, WebSocket, FTP, Amazon Web Services, and others.

Through these interfaces, organizations can apply the power of FME at the organization or web level for the first time.

Like the FME Desktop product, FME Server tasks are authored in FME Workbench and published to FME Server directly from Workbench. It's very easy to move tasks from FME Desktop to FME Server or to run tasks using both applications.