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About Component and Job Recovery in FME Server

FME Server restarts components and jobs automatically when crashes occur—no additional planning is needed.

Component Recovery

FME Server comes out-of-the-box with component recovery. This means that, even on a single system, FME Server monitors and restarts components that fail, including the FME Engines and the FME Server Core. This is achieved through the FME Server Process Monitor. The ability for FME Server to monitor its own components ensures reliable uptime and dependability.

Job Recovery

FME Server also includes the ability to restart a translation (job) when a crash occurs. FME Server continues to resubmit a translation up to a specified number of attempts. As a result, jobs that experience temporary issues, such as a network hiccup, are resubmitted and run again. Job recovery is configurable and can be turned off entirely. For more information, see Job Recovery.

Note: Resubmitted jobs may cause data duplication, such as when writing to database formats.