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Encrypting the FME Server Database Password

By default, the password that is stored in configuration file fmeCommonConfig.txt for the FME Server Database is not encrypted. To encrypt the FME Server Database password in fmeCommonConfig.txt, follow these steps:

  1. From all machines on which the FME Server Core is installed, open a command prompt and run encryptConfigSetting.bat (Windows) or (Linux), located in <FMEServerDir>\Clients\utilities\. When you run the script, supply the following parameters:
    • The DB_PASSWORD value, as provided in fmeCommonConfig.txt, and corresponding to the database server type (DB_TYPE) you installed. (If your FME Server is an Express installation, your database server (DB_TYPE) is postgresql. If your FME Server is a Custom installation, your database server (DB_TYPE) is either postgresql, sqlserver, or oracle.
    • For example:

      encryptConfigSetting.bat DB_PASSWORD fmeserver

  2. Copy the encrypted password that is generated from the command prompt output and paste it over the unencrypted DB_PASSWORD value in fmeCommonConfig.txt.
  3. Save fmeCommonConfig.txt and restart FME Server.