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Starting the FME Server Console

To run the FME Server Console use the following command:


Configuration File

The FME Server Console reads in a number of configuration parameters from a configuration file when it is started. The configuration file is located at:


During installation, the parameters defined in this file are set to appropriate values and typically do not need modification. Most of the parameters define default values for FME Server Console directive options. Therefore, in most cases, these options do not need to be present on the command line because the configuration file implicitly supplies the appropriate values for these options. Directive options are described further in Command Line Options.

If you do specify an option value on the command line, this value overrides the one assigned to it in the configuration file for the duration of the command.

Switching from a Direct Connection to a Web Connection

By default, the Server Console will connect to FME Server using a direct connection. To switch to a web connection:

  • Open the configuration file in a text editor.
  • Change the fmeServerHost parameter to specify the FME Server web host URL and web port.

For example:


The remaining sections describe how to use the FME Server Console.