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Install the Floating License

To start the Flex Server, you must have a /usr/tmp directory.

Verify that the /usr/tmp directory exists and if it doesn’t exist, create this directory as follows:

% mkdir /usr/tmp

To start the License Manager:

% <FlexServerDir>/lmgrd -c <FLEXServerDir>/safe.lic

This action runs the License  Manager in the foreground, logging activity to the terminal. To store the log to a file instead, use the -l option:

% ./lmgrd -c ./safe.lic -l safe.log

When a log file is used, lmgrd detaches as a background process, so there is no need to explicitly background the application. However, you’ll have to start the server each time the license server host is rebooted. The system administrator can make sure the preceding command is run at system start-up time.

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