Before You Begin

Ensure that the following requirements are met before beginning the installation:

  • You must be running a TCP/IP network.
  • One computer on the network is designated as the license server. The license server may be any computer on the network that is visible to all computers that are dependent on it for their licenses. You should choose a computer that is always running and always connected to the network because the client computers must be able to communicate with the license server to use the FME. The processing burden on the licensing server is negligible.
  • You must have Administrator privileges to install the FME Floating License server.
  • If the computer you want to use as your floating license server has a firewall, you must open a port through which the FlexServer can communicate. By default, the range of ports used is 27000-27009, although you can also configure other ports. For more information, see Specifying Floating License Server Ports.
  • If FlexNet is already installed on your license server, you still need to perform a new installation. FME requires the version of FlexNet that is included in the installer. In addition, if your organization is configuring license borrowing (see Borrowing a Floating License), you will require LMTOOLS version 11.8 or newer.

The FME license server cannot be installed on a virtual machine that is built and moved around among many physical machines. It must be locked to a single fixed MAC address.