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Glossary of Terms


Associating a registration key with a single-fixed license, using the FME Licensing Assistant.

Borrowing (a floating license)

If your FME Desktop product uses a floating license, and your organization supports this option, a computer that will not be connected to the license server can borrow a license for offline use and run FME for a maximum of 30 days.

The computer must be connected to the license server at the time of borrowing.

Floating License

A floating license means that a single computer is provided with a number of licenses and acts as a server by issuing these licenses to any other computer that requests one. A floating license is a common way for a company to share a limited number of licenses among its FME users.

Floating License Manager

A FlexNet software license manager provides the floating license capability to FME. The FlexNet software is installed on a computer that acts as a license server. Every time FME is started on a computer, the server issues a license, provided there is one still available. When a computer closes FME, that license is returned. For example, consider a five-seat floating license and 30 workstation computers. Each workstation has FME installed. Any workstation can run FME, but only a maximum of five at any one time.

Grid Shift File

Grid shift files are used when reprojecting between coordinate systems that have different datums. FME supports conversions between coordinate systems using different datums. Many datum transformations are not mathematically definable and require the use of grid of shifts. If you attempt to make a datum transformation of this kind without the appropriate grid shift file in place FME will abort the translation.

Single-Fixed License

A single-fixed FME license (also known as node-locked or CRC license) enables FME to work on a single specified computer. The FME Licensing Assistant generates a unique registration key for that computer, which is used to create the license. If FME is installed on more than one computer, each computer requires its own license.