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Install on Windows

To install FME Engine in a Windows environment

  1. Run the FME installer on any computers that are running FME Engines that you want to upgrade.

    Be sure to leave the existing FME Engine in place as a backup:


    and create a new directory for the upgraded FME:


  2. You must license your new FME Engines

    For licensing instructions, see Request and Install a License.

  3. Open Windows Explorer.
  4. Make a copy of the file <FMEServerDir>\Server\FMEEngineUpgrade\fme.exe, place that copy in the same <FMEServerDir>\Server\FMEEngineUpgrade directory, and rename it FMEEngine.exe.
  5. Edit the <FMEServerDir>\Server\processMonitorConfigEngines.txt file.

    Look for lines that start FME Engines, such as the following:


    and change the path to the new FME, for example:


  6. Restart FME Server.
  7. To confirm that you are using the upgraded FME Engine from the new path and that you are using the FME build that you require, check the process monitor engine log (fmeprocessmonitorengine.log) on any computer running an FME Engine.

    In the log, you should see your new FME Engine path and build number reflected in the FME Start-up sections.