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Install on Linux

  1. Stop FME Server.
  2. Move the currently-installed engines to a different directory. For example:
  3. mv /opt/fme-engine-2016 /opt/fme-engine-2016-old

  4. Perform the installation according to your Linux environment:
  5. Start FME Server.
  6. Use the Engines & Licensing page to confirm that you are using the upgraded FME Engines. Under "Licensed Engines," verify that the "Build" number matches the build number of the filename for the Engines you have installed.

To Undo an Engine Upgrade

  1. Run the following command under the root account to uninstall the newer FME Engine package:
  2. Move the older FME Engines back to the current directory. For example:
  3. mv /opt/fme-engine-2016-old /opt/fme-engine-2016